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Spirit Steps Acts 2:22-37

If debating Theology isn't quite your style, but you love God's Word, please use this forum to encourage and be encouraged by sharing scripture, your own devotions and short questions to ponder. This is not a place for debate or argument.

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Spirit Steps Acts 2:22-37

Postby totallylovedbygod » Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:55 am

Welcome once again to Spirit Steps

Today, we are going to look deeper into probably.. one of the greatest sermons ever given. I hope you are enjoying these studies and for those of you.. who have been with me from the start.. I hope you have been printing these out.. as they will build up to make a unique commentary on this wonderful book.

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Thanks and God bless



Acts chapter 2

For bible passage click below ... ersion=AMP

Well the gibbering wreck has been transformed into the bold preacher.. yes Peter had changed from denying Jesus to uplifting Him.. before the whole of Jerusalem.

There were probably people in the crowd, who knew what Peter had done and even heard him, on that sorry there is hope for us all.. whatever failures, we have had in the past, it doesn't mean, God can't use in the future, if we are truly repentant.. amen

Note that the first words out of his mouth, are about Jesus, not about himself, he testifies of Jesus, nothing else. How often when we are sharing with someone, do we put forward our church or our denomination?

We should be preaching Christ Crucified and nothing else.. amen?

He states in verse 23, that this was part of God's plan.. Pilate, Herod and the Pharisees, were just used of God to bring about His purposes.. His salvation plan.. amen

What a wonderful statement in verse 24, the pangs of death, were not able to keep Jesus. Death could not hold HIM, and now we can benefit.. death has lost it's sting and power.. amen

He uses the analogy of David, all of the crowd were Jews and related to this. they were steeped in the scriptures and knew the stories of David inside out, but here was Peter stating that the words of David were prophetic.. that David was not speaking of Himself But Christ.

In Verse 32, Peter identifies himself and the apostles, with the Resurrection of Jesus, he states that they were eye witnesses of what happened.

Surely the best way to witness is to tell your eye witness story of what has happened to you. Have you told someone your story.. today/this week/this month/this year?

Peter in verse 36, made it personal to the people listening. He made sure they knew what had happened to Christ and what God had done, that he had been crucified, but God had raised Him and now had Glorified Him at his right hand

In verse 37, they were cut to the heart, the strong biblical preaching of God's holy word, has an effect. The Holy Spirit, will honour the word of God, when Jesus is lifted up.

You look at the sermon and think that Peter goes round the houses, but he preaches strong words to these people.. no wonder the first church, was so strong, it was built on the principles of the First sermon.

In today's world, the church is producing thousands and thousands of converts, but not many disciples.. we need to ask why. Maybe it is because, we preach that God will bring peace, joy etc.. and sure God will bring those things to your life.

But we need to present the gospel, in the right way.. we must stress the cross and sin and eternal punishment and say to people that if they become a Christian.. sure things will be great with God.. but also difficult.. there will be persecution, there is an enemy to fight.. they will swimming against the tide.

It is time to look at what the First church preached and that was Jesus and Him alone.. it was not what God could do for them.. it was how these people could be forgiven of their sin and saved from eternal punishment.. now to preach hell is not popular.. but hell is mentioned more times than heaven in the bible.

I was saved when someone preached on hell.. when we have a clear knowledge of the eternal consequences for people who aren't saved, then our one and only focus, will be on saving souls.. amen

God bless you


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