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The HOME for Christian writers!
The Home for Christian Writers!

Simply Scripture

A place to discuss writing and publishing of Devotions and other Inspirational Articles. Feel free to share your devotionals and inspirational articles here.

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Simply Scripture

Postby totallylovedbygod » Mon Jul 12, 2010 6:42 am

Welcome to Simply Scripture

It is a great joy to share with you once again. Please grab your bible as we study the story of Gideon.

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Thank you


Gideon's Call Judges Chapter 6

What me Lord?

All through the bible, God calls his servants to do a specific work for him. They come from varying backgrounds, and as God is unchanging Hebrews 13:8, he still calls his people today, the thing we have to do is to hear his voice and obey him.

All over scripture there are people who heard God, such as Gideon and even Moses who although they heard first hand from God, made up excuses not to obey. As we read later on in scripture "To obey is better than sacrifice". 1 Samuel 15:22

Gideon had a visit from an angel and he gave reasons why God couldn't use him, but God graciously answered all his questions and shared with him some vital truths that are relevant to us today.

The first thing to notice is that God still speaks, even when his people are in bondage, he finds a way to reach them. All through scripture, by whatever means, he reaches out to them. God still speaks today to his church, he is not silent and has not left the body of Christ, without guidance and hope, The days of thus sayeth the Lord are not over.

Vs 11 When God through his angel, came to Gideon, he reassured him, to say that he built up his self esteem is an understatement. Gideon was so afraid, he was actually threshing the wheat out of the sight of the Midianites, he must of been pretty scared, but the first thing the Lord did was to build him up and encourage him.

When we come into people's lives, do our words build up or tear down? If you spent five minutes with someone, would that person say that you have been a blessing or a burden?

Gideon's W's

Why v13

The question God is often asked by believers, is why this or that has happened. More often than not, we know why bad things happen and these things are linked to disobedience.

Gideon knew full well why this calamity had fallen upon Israel, and so do we. When trouble comes into our life, we shout, murmur and say, God has forsaken us and I can't imagine why this or that has happened to us. In Amos 4:4-13, the prophet says that Israel has failed to return to God. Ask how can I come back to my first Love. Remember if you are out of line with God, guess who moved.

Where vs13

Again Gideon took the focus off himself and put it onto God, He virtually blames God to shield himself from obeying God's call. Yes it is God who works through wonders and miracles, but he has to have willing vessels to work through. Also the children of Israel were living in the afterglow of blessing, if your country has seen revival in the last 50 years, give thanks to God.But what about now?

God asks us to go forward and claim new victories, we do not want to hear of revival's past but the outpouring of the Spirit now. Are we glorying in victories that have been won instead of concentrating on the battle now being fought, or are we even bemoaning past defeats?
I just Love verse 14, God faced him directly, the Lord pulled no punches with Gideon, again beautiful words of reassurance and of power, he was, I think at this point, getting slightly annoyed with Gideon. The Lord looked upon Gideon, I wonder when he looks upon me/us, what does he see?
Who Me? Vs 15

As usual when we take the focus off God and place it on ourselves, we are bound to feel like this, we can be like the ten spies in Numbers who saw themselves as grasshoppers in the sight of the enemy or as Caleb and Joshua who saw the enemy as grasshoppers.

This depends on our view of ourselves, yes we are unworthy servants, but we are filled with a power that is greater than anything the world has ever seen before. But it also depends on our view of God.. do we see him, as we ought to see him, as all powerful.. or do we think his power is limited?

Yes God does use the foolish things of this world to confound the wise,, it means that in the sight of the world, you are foolish, but not in God's eyes, and you should never ever put yourself down.To be a child of God is the highest privilege in the world.

Do you realize, what you are doing if you say, well you shouldn't pick me to do this or that job, you are telling the Father that he has made a mistake and that he is wrong to do what he is doing. This is akin to calling God a liar and is sin and rebellion against God. For the job you are doing in the kingdom of God, there is no one better qualified than you, because you have been picked by the Holy Spirit from a short list of 1.

Have God given you a job to do in the body of Christ?. Have you refused to do that job? Well my friend, God is not going to give you another one

How dare we escape if we refuse such a great commission?

What He wanted Vs 17

God graciously recommissions Gideon again in Vs 16, he truly has to hold his hand, the tenderness and graciousness of the Lord are so in evidence, he tells him, that he will be with him Vs 12, that he will succeed Vs 16, if we have that assurance, then surely that is enough.
Well not in Gideon's case, he asks for a sign from the Lord. How often do we do that, we hear clearly from the Lord, we know the right thing to do, but then we ask, well God please make it a little clearer for me, give me something tangible that I can see with my own eyes, hearing from you isn't really enough, this truly shows a lack of faith. Faith is outlined in Hebrews 11:1-2 IS THE EVIDENCE OF THINGS NOT SEEN.
In the following verses, Gideon worshipped the Lord, but still required confirmation from the Lord, how often before we obey do we need confirmation in one way or the other.
Like Gideon, be assured of the promises of God in verses 12,14 and 16, they are true and will never ever let you down, so stand strong and true.

Worshipping vs 19-21,24

Gideon was a man who was willing and eager to worship God. He wanted to reverence God to find out what his will truly was. He knew how to worship and he had a true and willing heart to bring worship to his God. Are we?

Wonder vs 22-24

What would happen if you saw an angel?.

It states In Scripture that many times we entertain angels without knowing it, remember you never know when you will bump into one. Maybe, you have today.

Will You vs 25-32

Would you like Gideon, be prepared to smash down the altar of the false god in your midst. Gideon was right in the middle of a nation, that was serving Baal, and here God was telling Him to tear down their altar and replace it with an altar to One True God.

Now Gideon Did tear down the altar of Baal at night. Still after all this reassurance from the Lord, he did it at night.. but the point is, that he did it.

Sometimes it doesn't matter about the timing of our doing things, as long as we obey the voice of the Lord. Yes he was frightened, yes he did it with fear and trembling, but he did it.
Let me finish with this question.
Are we prepared to tear down the altar of Baal's in our lives and replace it with an altar of purity and peace? We all have Baal altar's in our lives, some are sports, some are money, some are cars.
Let us replace them with an altar to the One true God, we may do it like Gideon, in fear and trembling, but let's do it afraid anyway.

God will honor you stand for him.

Daniel 11:32b those who know their God will be strong and do exploits.

God bless you


Featured page Link

Please click on the link below. It leads to the Page called Faith movers. Stories of wonderful Christians , who have had a great impact on the world, because they too like Gideon.. trusted God. Please come back often as this page is changed every month ... ith-movers
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Jesus is Lord

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