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A Question of Punctuation

Back to the basics with regular Challenge winner, Ann Grover. Weekly lessons to help you hone your basic writing skills.

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Pencil 6 (300-499 Posts)
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A Question of Punctuation

Postby OldManRivers » Fri Feb 05, 2010 8:59 pm

A Question of Punctuation

How do you punctuate a question or exclamation in a quotation that is followed by further sentence.

example... "Will you be going to town ( )" John asked.

I should know this but I have somehow gone blank.
May God's gentle grace be with you.

Jim McWhinnie

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Pencil Plus (Over 500 Posts)
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Postby JesusPuppy » Fri Feb 05, 2010 9:02 pm

"Will you be going to town?" John asked.

I just do that... might be wrong though. Ooooh Ann?
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And just for the record, I am a Male.

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Pencil Plus (Over 500 Posts)
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Postby Anja » Sun Feb 07, 2010 5:08 pm

Pup is correct.

We'll cover quotation marks in depth... quotes within quotes... quotes within questions... questions within quotes.

It's not as complicated as you think, once you identify WHO said WHAT.
Ann Grover

"What remains of a story after it is finished? Another story..." Eli Wiesel

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