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The Home for Christian Writers!


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How Do I Know What Level to Choose for the Challenge?

Frequently asked questions for life at FaithWriters and here in the forums.

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Deb Porter
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FaithWriters and Site Admin
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How Do I Know What Level to Choose for the Challenge?

Postby Deb Porter » Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:03 am

There are four levels of entry for the Writing Challenge:

    Level 1 - Beginners
    Level 2 - Intermediate
    Level 3 - Advanced
    Level 4 - Masters

Apart from Level 4 (Masters), it is up to the individual member to determine which level they should begin in. To help members decide where to start (and when to move up a level), there is a very helpful guide on the main Writing Challenge page:

For your information, it is repeated here:


Level 1 - Beginner

This level is for those who are very new to sharing their writing publicly. "Beginners" may have been writing for their own amusement for years, but have never taken it any further. They are just dipping their toe into the world of writing and testing the waters. They are probably very unsure as to their ability. They have never placed in the Editors’ Choice, and have never placed 1st in the Level 1 Awards.

Please Note: As soon as a Level 1 entrant places 1st in the Level 1 Awards, or places in the Editors’ Choice Awards, they must move up to Level 2.

Level 2 – Intermediate

This level is for those who are beyond the "Beginner" stage. They may have had their work published on the Internet, however, have never been published in print. They may have placed in the Editors’ Choice while on Level 1, or placed 1st in the Level 1 awards.

Please Note: As soon as a Level 2 entrant places 1st in the Level 2 Awards, or places in the Editors’ Choice Awards while on Level 2, they must move up to Level 3.

Level 3 – Advanced

This level is for those who have been writing for quite a while and have grown to a point where their work is well honed and needs very little editing. They may have been published in some way (online or in print) and may even do editing for others. They may have some form of writing qualification or possibly even write professionally--however, this is not a prerequisite for Level 3. If they have entered the Writing Challenges before, they may have won a place in the Editors’ Choice Challenge, or 1st place in the Level Awards for Level 1 or 2.

Please Note: Level 3 entrants do not automatically move to Level 4 following a win in the Editors’ Choice or Level Awards. The criteria for entrance in the Masters’ Level is based completely on the number of times a member has placed in the Editors’ Choice. Once that criteria has been met, members must move up.

Level 4 - Masters

This level is for those who have placed three or more times in the Editors’ Choice awards. Once this criteria has been met, entrants must move to this Level.
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