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The HOME for Christian writers!
The Home for Christian Writers!

Noonday Devotion

A place to discuss writing and publishing of Devotions and other Inspirational Articles. Feel free to share your devotionals and inspirational articles here.

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Noonday Devotion

Postby totallylovedbygod » Thu Oct 22, 2009 7:12 am

Welcome to Noonday Devotion

It is a real joy to share with you again. Please share this with all your groups and friends and please visit the featured page outlined at the bottom of this e-mail


Noonday Devotion by Keith

Devotion 1
2 Kings 5:8-15

8 And it was so, when Elisha the man of God had heard that the king of Israel had rent his clothes, that he sent to the king, saying, Wherefore hast thou rent thy clothes? let him come now to me, and he shall know that there is a prophet in Israel.
9 So Naaman came with his horses and with his chariot, and stood at the door of the house of Elisha.
10 And Elisha sent a messenger unto him, saying, Go and wash in Jordan seven times, and thy flesh shall come again to thee, and thou shalt be clean.
11 But Naaman was wroth, and went away, and said, Behold, I thought, He will surely come out to me, and stand, and call on the name of the LORD his God, and strike his hand over the place, and recover the leper. 12 Are not Abana and Pharpar, rivers of Damascus, better than all the waters of Israel? may I not wash in them, and be clean? So he turned and went away in a rage.
13 And his servants came near, and spake unto him, and said, My father, if the prophet had bid thee do some great thing, wouldest thou not have done it? how much rather then, when he saith to thee, Wash, and be clean?
14 Then went he down, and dipped himself seven times in Jordan, according to the saying of the man of God: and his flesh came again like unto the flesh of a little child, and he was clean.
15 And he returned to the man of God, he and all his company, and came, and stood before him: and he said, Behold, now I know that there is no God in all the earth, but in Israel

This week is a first for me as I write Noonday, as both the devotionals will be from the same passage.

The first one is about obedience.

The story of Naaman is truly relevant to us as believers. We as believers in the present day can learn such a lot from this story.

As believers we have to be obedient to God. Jesus said in John 14:15 and John 14:21

15 If ye love me, keep my commandments

21 He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

When Naaman came to Elisha, this is a picture of us coming to God. We come and ask God for guidance about what to do with our lives, and then when he tells us what to do.. like he did with Namaan, we refuse to accept the guidance God gives us.

Have you received Guidance from the Lord, but because it didn't suit your pre-conceived ideas?. Have you rejected it?

Has God told you to go somewhere and have you rejected it? Because it is like the Jordan?. Dirty and smelly and would be out of your comfort zone?

Maybe God has spoken to you through his messenger.. but because you don't like that particular person, you have rejected God's Guidance?

Has he spoken to you through someone outside of your inner circle of friends or has he spoken to you through someone in another church?. God forbid has he spoken to you about something and that person is outside of your denomination?

When God tells you to do something, we must obey immediately. No complaining or argument.. yes Naaman did go to the Jordan and yes he was cleansed. But his pride had to be broken down.. he had to be humbled. remember believer God resists the proud, but gives grace unto the humble.

I for one, don't want to be resisted by God. If there is any pride in my/your life, it must be broken down and put to death literally,it must be repented of.

Are you still living in pride and saying, that you won't go to the Jordan.. the place of cleansing and healing.

God always guides us to the right place. It is up to us to be obedient. And when he leads us to the right place, the right outcome will always happen.

God Bless you


Devotion 2

The second is about forgiveness

The second devotion came to me yesterday as I was thinking about this passage. You know we sometimes come to God and ask for something, and we cannot receive it, because we have sin in our life. Please note in verse 10, that Elisha, would not come out and meet Naaman.

This is the situation with a believer, when he has sin in his life. Just like David, God will send a messenger and say to the believer.. thou art that man. But look in verses 15-16, after the cleansing.. Naaman and Elisha spoke face to face.. the same is true for the believer and his Lord, when sin has been repented of and forgiven by his/her merciful Lord.

His leprosy is a picture of our sin. God will not tolerate sin in any form in his presence. For the believer to come to God with a true heart, He/she must keep short accounts with God. he must confess sin as soon as it happens.

Do you as an individual believer need to wash in the Jordan of forgiveness?. Do you need to go to people in your church and forgive them from the heart and be released from the bitterness and anger you hold against them.. if you do then your skin will be cleansed. Just like Naaman and you will be able to stand before God and in true fellowship with your brothers and sisters Matthew 18:22

Do you wonder why God doesn't bless many churches and answer their prayers?. One of the key reasons is because there is strife among church members.. and where strife is, there is every evil thing

Jesus said if you had a problem with a brother and sister in Christ, and brought a gift to the altar, you should leave it and go and make amends Matthew 5:23. Have you?

Only when Naaman had gone and washed himself seven times in the Jordan.. could he stand before Elisha. So it is with us, we must make amends before God and be in good standing with all our brethren in Christ. Matthew 18:22 and Psalm 24

I hope you are blessed by these devotions

God bless you




Fellow citizens with the saints." – Ephesians 2:19
What is meant by our being citizens in heaven? It means that we are under heaven’s government. Christ the king of heaven reigns in our hearts; our daily prayer is, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." The proclamations issued from the throne of glory are freely received by us: the decrees of the Great King we cheerfully obey. Then as citizens of the New Jerusalem, we share heaven’s honours. The glory which belongs to beatified saints belongs to us, for we are already sons of God, already princes of the blood imperial; already we wear the spotless robe of Jesus’ righteousness; already we have angels for our servitors, saints for our companions, Christ for our Brother, God for our Father, and a crown of immortality for our reward. We share the honours of citizenship, for we have come to the general assembly and Church of the first-born whose names are written in heaven. As citizens, we have common rights to all the property of heaven. Ours are its gates of pearl and walls of chrysolite; ours the azure light of the city that needs no candle nor light of the sun; ours the river of the water of life, and the twelve manner of fruits which grow on the trees planted on the banks thereof; there is nought in heaven that belongeth not to us. "Things present, or things to come," all are ours. Also as citizens of heaven we enjoy its delights. Do they there rejoice over sinners that repent-prodigals that have returned? So do we. Do they chant the glories of triumphant grace? We do the same. Do they cast their crowns at Jesus’ feet? Such honours as we have we cast there too. Are they charmed with his smile? It is not less sweet to us who dwell below. Do they look forward, waiting for his second advent? We also look and long for his appearing. If, then, we are thus citizens of heaven, let our walk and actions be consistent with our high dignity.

"Neither shall one thrust another; they shall walk every one in his path." – Joel 2:8

Locusts always keep their rank, and although their number is legion, they do not crowd upon each other, so as to throw their columns into confusion. This remarkable fact in natural history shows how thoroughly the Lord has infused the spirit of order into his universe, since the smallest animate creatures are as much controlled by it as are the rolling spheres or the seraphic messengers. It would be wise for believers to be ruled by the same influence in all their spiritual life. In their Christian graces no one virtue should usurp the sphere of another, or eat out the vitals of the rest for its own support. Affection must not smother honesty, courage must not elbow weakness out of the field, modesty must not jostle energy, and patience must not slaughter resolution. So also with our duties, one must not interfere with another; public usefulness must not injure private piety; church work must not push family worship into a corner. It is ill to offer God one duty stained with the blood of another. Each thing is beautiful in its season, but not otherwise. It was to the Pharisee that Jesus said, "This ought ye to have done, and not to have left the other undone." The same rule applies to our personal position, we must take care to know our place, take it, and keep to it. We must minister as the Spirit has given us ability, and not intrude upon our fellow servant’s domain. Our Lord Jesus taught us not to covet the high places, but to be willing to be the least among the brethren. Far from us be an envious, ambitious spirit, let us feel the force of the Master’s command, and do as he bids us, keeping rank with the rest of the host. To-night let us see whether we are keeping the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace, and let our prayer be that, in all the churches of the Lord Jesus, peace and order may prevail.

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Keith Hobkirk

Jesus is Lord

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Thanks, Keith...

Postby Toni Star » Fri Oct 23, 2009 4:13 pm

This is a wonderful devotion, Keith! I want to thank you for writing it because it has given me pause and caused me to think about several areas in my life where I need to be more respectful and mindful of what God wants me to do...

Good writing..

Toni Star, freelance writer/editor and graduate student

"Never give up, for there is always an answer for everyone who seeks, knocks or asks."

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