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How do the EC and Level Winners work????

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How do the EC and Level Winners work????

Postby RedBaron » Thu Aug 30, 2007 2:54 pm

This is so hard to explain without seeing the actual numbers and the results that Deb sends to the judges. Since it's not possible to show everyone their real scores (the 1-5 numbers), I've done the next best thing.....

These are REAL scores, but I mixed up who won what by arbitrarily reassigning what level the winner belonged to after I removed the titles and names. I will color code it and hope it makes sense.... (I don't even remember which topic I took the scores from lol)

The top 10 are the EC overall
Each level winner is by their numbers WITHIN their level.
(1st place's underlined)

1 Amazing title 7.........Level 4 – 1st - 4.7888867
2 Amazing title 28.......Level 2 – 1st - 4.7037033
3 Amazing title 93.......Level 4 – 2nd - 4.6925933
4 Amazing title 54.......Level 4 – 3rd - 4.6925933
5 Amazing title 200......Level 3 – 1st - 4.5666667
6 Amazing title 57........Level 3 – 2nd - 4.52963
7 Amazing title 37........Level 1 – 1st - 4.4962967
8 Amazing title 128......Level 2 – 2nd - 4.49259
9 Amazing title 184......Level 4 – 4th - 4.4037033
10 Amazing title 68.......Level 4 – 5th - 4.4037033

11 Amazing title 42.......Level 1 – 2nd - 4.4
12 Amazing title 122.....Level 3 – 3rd - 4.3851833
13 Amazing title 84.......Level 4 – 6th - 4.32963
14 Amazing title 73.......Level 2 – 3rd - 4.32222
15 Amazing title 157.....Level 4 – 7th - 4.2962967

Blue is Level 1, Orange is Level 2, Violet is Level 3, and Green is Level 4
(note - I also had to change some of the colors Deb uses as they didn't show up here lol)
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