Obadiah 1:1-21 and Matt 13:1-58; 26:36-46

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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Obadiah 1:1-21 and Matt 13:1-58; 26:36-46

Post by Jacob Ben Avraham » Sat Dec 05, 2020 7:48 pm

OBADIAH 1:1-21

This prophet talks about Esau as “Edom” similar to the name “Adam” yet spelled with a “vav” Edom is condemned, for his attack on Jacob, later on, the Edomites attack the Israelites, (brothers against brothers) Edom will be “brought down from the lofty cliffs” I have been to “Edom” which is in Jordon, the city of “Petra” has many caves in the cliffs, and as tourists go through Petra, the guides tell the visitors that the cliff caves were homes to Edomites, later on they became burial places, and today, they serve as “toilets” for the tourists that have to take care of business, imagine how lowly Edom has fallen, from cave homes to “out-houses” We see that the promise of YHVH to Israel prevails, try to destroy, harm, attack Israel, you will be brought down.

The prophet goes on to say, “do not gloat over the misfortune of Judah” Even though we know that Israel will go by the wayside, and forsake YHVH, and will receive punishment, Edom has no business being happy for that reason. It is like a brother laughs when his other brother is being punished by dad, that brother has no business to be happy because HIS turn will come sooner or later. Today, do you know of any Edomites? There are none, yet do you know of any Israelites? Yes, there is a nation in the middle east full of Israelites, it is called “Eretz Israel” I have been there, twice! It is an honor to serve Israel as military support personnel.

MATT 13:1-58; 26:36-46

Yeshua speaks to the people in parables, He tells of the “sower of the seed” he goes on to tell his Talmidim that the people “hear but do not understand” it is because their hearts are dull, and that they are not looking for the truth. So there are today, many people who will “hear” the gospel but do not “listen” and if they do not “listen” they will not “understand” just like the sower who sowed the seed on the different soils, some did not take root, some grew but were choked out, some grew into maturity, so is the WORD of God, to some people it has no effect, on others, it is only a “pass time” or a “fad” for a while, but for others, it is the “real thing” and “life-changing” has it changed your life?

In verses 36-46, in chapter 26, Yeshua finds himself in “Gat-Shemini” (Gethsemeni) We see that He also prays to the Father, a prayer of rescue. Jacob prays also, a prayer of rescue. The prayers differ a bit. Jacob prays; “LORD, save me from my brother Esau” Yeshua prays; Father, let this cup pass from me” or in other words; “Save me from this ordeal which I am about to enter”

We know the outcome. Esau returned to Jacob in peace, Yet Yeshua embraced the violence of the cross. In both ways, the LORD answered the prayers. “Yes, I will save you from Esau, He will not harm you”. “NO, my son, you HAVE to go through the ordeal of the cross, for the sake of the whole world”

He died in our place, in the place of all the Esaus, Labans, Jacobs of this world. If He embraced the cross, will YOU embrace HIM?

Ben Avraham

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