HOSEA 12:13-14:9 and John 1:51

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Jacob Ben Avraham
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HOSEA 12:13-14:9 and John 1:51

Post by Jacob Ben Avraham » Sat Nov 28, 2020 6:54 pm

HOSEA 12:13-14:9

The prophet condemns Israel for “forsaking the LORD” Israel was led out of Egypt by a prophet (Moshe) and tended to, provided for by YHVH, yet Israel forsake the LORD chasing after false gods, going into idolatry. Now the LORD will punish, and his wrath will fall upon his people. Yet YHVH still loves his people, yet will exact punishment, judgment, like a father, will punish and judge a disobedient son or daughter. Can we expect anything less from Adonai? If we abandon our LORD, and live like a lost person, loving the desires of the lost world and the flesh, can we expect anything less than judgment from HIM who set us free from sin?

Yet there is hope. In Chapter 14 it starts with; “Shuvah Israel ad YHVH Eloheikha” (Return Israel unto the LORD thy God…” There is always hope while we have the breath of life. The word “Ad” or “Ed” have the same Hebrew consonants, “Ayin Dalet” it can also mean “Witness”

Adonai witnesses our waywardness as well as our “return” to Him. There is sin and there is also repentance, this is what he wanted His people to do, this is what He wants US to do, since we are all part of His people.

JOHN 1:51

Then He said; “I assure you; You will see heaven opened and the angels of God ascending and descending on the 'Son of Man'. What is this “ascending and descending” mean? Could this have a meaning? Well, all things, activities, actions have meanings.

One way we might look at this is that all angels are at the disposition of our Messiah. They serve Him day and night, they are also in our service, that is why we each have “guardian angels”. The angels going up the ladder might be because they are receiving instructions from Yeshua, the ones going down might be carrying out the instructions, (just an idea)

Mystery solved, YESHUA is the ladder!! !

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