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The HOME for Christian writers!
The Home for Christian Writers!

Noonday Devotion for Men

A place to discuss writing and publishing of Devotions and other Inspirational Articles. Feel free to share your devotionals and inspirational articles here.

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Noonday Devotion for Men

Postby totallylovedbygod » Thu Jan 14, 2010 6:19 am

Welcome to the second of this series. I hope you enjoyed the first and that you will be blessed by the second one aimed at men

God bless


Noonday Devotion for Men

Acts 4

13 Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men, they marveled. And they realized that they had been with Jesus.

I was asking the Lord, what verse I should share in this devotion and although I don't usually open my Bible at random and write on the first verse that I see... but last night, I happened to open it at Acts 4 and my eyes fell upon this verse.

What the Lord has been showing me over recent days is that the No 1 priority in a Christian's life.. is the relationship with God.

Men in today's society are pulled this way and that. They are told to conform and to fit into some social group to find fulfillment.. but there is only one thing that they should be conformed to and that is the Image of Christ, through the renewing of their minds through the Word of God. Romans 12:1-2

As Peter and John were standing in the midst of the Jewish Leadership, there was one thing that struck these individuals and that was their relationship with Christ. They had spent time with Jesus and it showed.. the evidence was too much for even these so called devout people to deny.

When they looked at Peter and John, they didn't see their education or intellect. Likewise when people look at a Christian man's life, they will not see how many degrees he has or how high up he is in his company. but they will see the relationship he has with his Lord and Master.. Jesus

Now I am not saying that it is wrong to have an education or to be learned, but we must remember the most important place of learning is at the feet of the Master.. JESUS

You can be so well read and not know the book of Books.. the Word of God. William Tyndale once said ' a ploughman who knows the bible is greater than a man who knows hundreds of other books'. This is because the bible is the only book, where we can have a personal relationship with the author.

Paul, surely the greatest of the apostles, stated in the great chapter of Philippians 3, that he needed to press on and that he regarded all things in his past as dung. Have you ever smelt dung? It is the most horrible smell and you don't want to be anywhere near it. Have you got rid of things in your past life christian man?

It is time to stand up and act like the first apostles did, to speak in boldness, not to conform to the world standards.. but to conform to Christ and to know God and his word like never before.. above and beyond anything else, because once your relationship with God is right, all other things will fall into place.. your job, marriage and career. Matthew 6:33

God bless you my friends


Spurgeon Devotion

"Thou art weighed in the balances and art found wanting." – Daniel 5:27

It is well frequently to weigh ourselves in the scale of God’s Word. You will find it a holy exercise to read some psalm of David, and, as you meditate upon each verse, to ask yourself, "Can I say this? Have I felt as David felt? Has my heart ever been broken on account of sin, as his was when he penned his penitential psalms? Has my soul been full of true confidence in the hour of difficulty as his was when he sang of God’s mercies in the cave of Adullam, or in the holds of Engedi? Do I take the cup of salvation and call upon the name of the Lord?" Then turn to the life of Christ, and as you read, ask yourselves how far you are conformed to his likeness. Endeavour to discover whether you have the meekness, the humility, the lovely spirit which he constantly inculcated and displayed. Take, then, the epistles, and see whether you can go with the apostle in what he said of his experience. Have you ever cried out as he did-"O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?" Have you ever felt his self-abasement? Have you seemed to yourself the chief of sinners, and less than the least of all saints? Have you known anything of his devotion? Could you join with him and say, "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain"? If we thus read God’s Word as a test of our spiritual condition, we shall have good reason to stop many a time and say, "Lord, I feel I have never yet been here, O bring me here! give me true penitence, such as this I read of. Give me real faith; give me warmer zeal; inflame me with more fervent love; grant me the grace of meekness; make me more like Jesus. Let me no longer be ‘found wanting,’ when weighed in the balances of the sanctuary, lest I be found wanting in the scales of judgment." "Judge yourselves that ye be not judged."

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This page is called Men of God arise and is aimed at all Christian men. It has articles that will challenge and help Men, grow into Christ likeness and I hope you will take time to read the articles and to pass them to all your friends. Ladies also take time to read this page

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Jesus is Lord

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