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The Home for Christian Writers!


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Noonday Devotion 17th Dec

If debating Theology isn't quite your style, but you love God's Word, please use this forum to encourage and be encouraged by sharing scripture, your own devotions and short questions to ponder. This is not a place for debate or argument.

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Noonday Devotion 17th Dec

Postby totallylovedbygod » Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:44 pm

What a great joy it is to share with you again. Please share these devotions with all your friends and groups.. they will be blessed and encouraged. Also please make use of the link at the bottom for the featured page on the site.. there are over 50 pages to stir your faith

God bless you


Noonday Devotion by Keith

John 15

Verses 4-5

As I was walking last week.. the Lord laid these verse upon my heart and he asked me, this question.

I was surprised by the Lord's question and He just wanted me to share what He means by this question.

We have living inside of us, the greatest power in the universe. The precious Holy Spirit, who is part of the Godhead.. one with God the Father and Jesus the Son in unity and purpose.

Do we realise what we have living inside of us?. To have the very power of God living inside of us is awesome. So why don't we live life in glorious victory all the time

The reasons are found in these verses.

Sometimes we try to do things in our own strength. How many times have I/you sought to take on the devil in our own strength or to live the christian life in our so called power and fallen flat on our faces?

We have to realise that without the power of Jesus living in us through the indwelling Holy Spirit.. we can do nothing, we can say nothing that has any impact on the world. verse 5

Also are we cut off from the vine by sin? The relationship between the vine and the branches are so important.. if we are cut off form our power source through some sin then our lives are of no use.

We have to stay connected to the vine and therefore we can of use to God. To try and do it yourself in the christian life, does not work. Unless you live in close communion with the Father, then you will be absolutely useless to Him. Have you ever seen a plant grow that is not in soil, and watered?

Are you letting anything get between you and God?

To be a pro- life christian is to be one who stays connected to the vine at all times.. someone who takes time over his/her relationship with the Father and never lets anything get between him/her and the power source

Are you a pro- life christian.. one who let's the power of God flow through you?

Or are you blocking the Spirit's power by trying to be a do it yourself christian?

God bless you


Devotion 2

Deuteronomy 6

Verses 5-6

This is the first and greatest commandment to us and I wonder how close we come to truly obeying it in every area of our lives.

This truly is the essence of living the christian life.

When our love and focus and love is first and foremost upon God then the things we once thought were important grow weaker and weaker as we get close to Him

Verse 6 really speaks out to me and I ask this question of myself. Are the words of verse 5, the first thing in my life all the time?

My question to myself is who much do I really love God?

Do I love Him above all other things?

Or is he a part of my life or the whole of my life?

Do I even put my service for Him in front of my love for Him?

Questions I hope we can all answer and say ' Lord I love you and you alone'

Look at how Jesus put it in Mark 12:30 and Matthew 22:35-37

God bless you


Morning and Evening By CH Spurgeon


Thou art all fair, my love." – Song of Solomon 4:7

The Lord’s admiration of his Church is very wonderful, and his description of her beauty is very glowing. She is not merely fair, but "all fair." He views her in himself, washed in his sin-atoning blood and clothed in his meritorious righteousness, and he considers her to be full of comeliness and beauty. No wonder that such is the case, since it is but his own perfect excellency that he admires; for the holiness, glory, and perfection of his Church are his own glorious garments on the back of his own well-beloved spouse. She is not simply pure, or well-proportioned; she is positively lovely and fair! She has actual merit! Her deformities of sin are removed; but more, she has through her Lord obtained a meritorious righteousness by which an actual beauty is conferred upon her. Believers have a positive righteousness given to them when they become "accepted in the beloved" (Ephesians 1:6). Nor is the Church barely lovely, she is superlatively so. Her Lord styles her "Thou fairest among women." She has a real worth and excellence which cannot be rivalled by all the nobility and royalty of the world. If Jesus could exchange his elect bride for all the queens and empresses of earth, or even for the angels in heaven, he would not, for he puts her first and foremost-"fairest among women." Like the moon she far outshines the stars. Nor is this an opinion which he is ashamed of, for he invites all men to hear it. He sets a "behold" before it, a special note of exclamation, inviting and arresting attention. "Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair" (Song of Solomon 4:1). His opinion he publishes abroad even now, and one day from the throne of his glory he will avow the truth of it before the assembled universe. "Come, ye blessed of my Father" (Matthew 25:34), will be his solemn affirmation of the loveliness of his elect.


Ye serve the Lord Christ." – Colossians 3:24

To what choice order of officials was this word spoken? To kings who proudly boast a right divine? Ah, no! too often do they serve themselves or Satan, and forget the God whose sufferance permits them to wear their mimic majesty for their little hour. Speaks then the apostle to those so-called "right reverend fathers in God," the bishops, or "the venerable the archdeacons"? No, indeed, Paul knew nothing of these mere inventions of man. Not even to pastors and teachers, or to the wealthy and esteemed among believers, was this word spoken, but to servants, aye, and to slaves. Among the toiling multitudes, the journeymen, the day labourers, the domestic servants, the drudges of the kitchen, the apostle found, as we find still, some of the Lord’s chosen, and to them he says, "Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ." This saying ennobles the weary routine of earthly employments, and sheds a halo around the most humble occupations. To wash feet may be servile, but to wash his feet is royal work. To unloose the shoe-latchet is poor employ, but to unloose the great Master’s shoe is a princely privilege. The shop, the barn, the scullery, and the smithy become temples when men and women do all to the glory of God! Then "divine service" is not a thing of a few hours and a few places, but all life becomes holiness unto the Lord, and every place and thing, as consecrated as the tabernacle and its golden candlestick.
"Teach me, my God and King, in all things thee to see;
And what I do in anything to do it as to thee.
All may of thee partake, nothing can be so mean,
Which with this tincture, for thy sake, will not grow bright and clean. A servant with this clause makes drudgery divine;
Who sweeps a room, as for thy laws, makes that and the action fine."

Please read the Featured page, which is the Christmas Page. Called The King Cometh.. because that is what happened at Christmas. The king came down to earth and was born in a humble stable. The wise men came seeking Jesus, they shepherds came to see Him. May we all know the real reason for Christmas above everything else. Be blessed as you read these articles

Happy Christmas to one and all


Click link below

http://faithhopeandlovefellowship.piczo ... var=000044
Keith Hobkirk

Jesus is Lord

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Good Devotional...

Postby Toni Star » Thu Dec 17, 2009 4:56 pm

These are good words and make me want to reflect more on my relationship with Christ. Sometimes, like many, I allow the world to interfere and this is something I need to correct...

Thank you for your helpful words..

Toni Star, freelance writer/editor and graduate student

"Never give up, for there is always an answer for everyone who seeks, knocks or asks."

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