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The Home for Christian Writers!


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Postby AutumnTen » Sat Jul 11, 2009 7:56 pm

Did anybody know there was a patron saint of cancer?

I know this is a Christian site and I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ, God his father, and the holy spirit.
Saints are mostly referred to in the Catholic religion.
But I must tell you that I believe someone was sent, to my husband and
myself recently. A lady came into the doctor's office where we were waiting for my husband's appointment, and she sat by us and asked how things were going (noting my husband's lack of hair from chemo).
Things weren't going so great.
She looked at him with the most radiant smile and said, "you're going to come through this just fine."
Mind you the waiting room had other sick people in it, and there were several spots this lady could have sat down, but for some reason she came straight to us.
She said,"there is a Saint that was cured of cancer. St. Peregrine."
Then she repeated to my husband that he would be fine.
Right after that the nurse called us in, and when we came out the lady was gone.

It seemed as though God was using her, to send us a message.

I didn't give it alot of thought at the time, but recently I started doing some research into St. Peregrine. The short version is that he prayed at the foot of a crucifix, and recieved a vision of Jesus coming down from his cross and reaching out his hand to touch his leg. This is where Peregrine's cancer was. He was cured. Today he holds a special place in the church as the patron saint of cancer, HIV and other chronic illness.

So it dawned on me that the message didn't sink in at first. I felt kind of stupid just letting it go for so long. Like I was ignoring the message.

I've been praying special prayers recently.
I must thank St. Peregrine for lifiting my prayers up to God.
I must thank the Blessed Virgin for hearing my prayers as well.
I thank them in anticipation of prayers answered.

I pray to Jesus, and to God his father every night. I didn't just find God and Christ when my husband got sick. I have always believed, I have always talked to them, and I don't pray selfish prayers. And I know they are answered. And I believe there is no greater power, and I believe in

I hope I haven't turned anybody off.
And I'm not trying to circumvent the "process" of prayer. I for one believe in going directly to the source, or the top, however you want to put it. At the same time, I know He works through people, and I can't ignore it when He speaks to me that way.

Thank you for listening, and God Bless.

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