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The HOME for Christian writers!
The Home for Christian Writers!

Noonday Devotion.. please click link

A place to discuss writing and publishing of Devotions and other Inspirational Articles. Feel free to share your devotionals and inspirational articles here.

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Noonday Devotion.. please click link

Postby totallylovedbygod » Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:09 am

Welcome to Noonday Devotion

It is such a joy and pleasure to be able to share God's word, with you again. Please check out the featured page, which is called God's world. Please read the articles and be blessed

http://faithhopeandlovefellowship.piczo ... var=000044

Noonday Devotion By Keith

Devotion 1

Romans 5

1 Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:
2 By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

How wonderful is this!

We have so much to praise God for.. amen!

Paul in the previous chapters has been writing and sharing about Abraham and how his faith was counted to Him for righteousness. But we are on another level here completely. We are justified by faith and the best way to describe this, is that is like JUST AS IF WE HAVE NEVER SINNED.

This doesn't mean, we will not ever sin again, but that we are clothed in the righteousness of Christ, and this is what God sees. we have no righteousness of our own. It comes through grace operating through faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross.

We have peace with God. We are now in a right relationship with our creator. The barrier of Sin has been removed, we can now approach God with confidence, we can rejoice in the hope of the Glory of God.. that is that one day we can See our Father's face and live with Him for ever and ever.

Look at what you have believer.. isn't it awesome

Devotion 2

Isaiah 64
6 But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.
7 And there is none that calleth upon thy name, that stirreth up himself to take hold of thee: for thou hast hid thy face from us, and hast consumed us, because of our iniquities.

In the first devotion, I stated that we have the righteousness of Jesus granted to us at the point of salvation, when God sees us, he sees the righteousness of Christ Jesus, his beloved SON.

Let's remember, that there was and never will be anything, that can make us righteous, except the precious blood of Jesus. All our efforts, all our so called righteous acts are like what.. filthy rags.

Everything we do, will fade like a leaf. Not one so called kind act.. although good in itself, cuts any ice with God. Cornelius the centurion had his kind acts recognised, but also God saw his heart. It is not what we do, but what we are that matters to God.

You are either one or the other.. relying on your acts of kindness and believing in your own righteousness or trusting in the righteousness and precious blood of Jesus

Which one are you?

God bless you


Morning and Evening by CH Spurgeon


"Pleasant fruits, new and old, which I have laid up for thee, O my beloved." – Song of Solomon 7:13

The spouse desires to give to Jesus all that she produces. Our heart has "all manner of pleasant fruits," both "old and new," and they are laid up for our Beloved. At this rich autumnal season of fruit, let us survey our stores. We have new fruits. We desire to feel new life, new joy, new gratitude; we wish to make new resolves and carry them out by new labours; our heart blossoms with new prayers, and our soul is pledging herself to new efforts. But we have some old fruits too. There is our first love: a choice fruit that! and Jesus delights in it. There is our first faith: that simple faith by which, having nothing, we became possessors of all things. There is our joy when first we knew the Lord: let us revive it. We have our old remembrances of the promises. How faithful has God been! In sickness, how softly did he make our bed! In deep waters, how placidly did he buoy us up! In the flaming furnace, how graciously did he deliver us. Old fruits, indeed! We have many of them, for his mercies have been more than the hairs of our head. Old sins we must regret, but then we have had repentances which he has given us, by which we have wept our way to the cross, and learned the merit of his blood. We have fruits, this morning, both new and old; but here is the point-they are all laid up for Jesus. Truly, those are the best and most acceptable services in which Jesus is the solitary aim of the soul, and his glory, without any admixture whatever, the end of all our efforts. Let our many fruits be laid up only for our Beloved; let us display them when he is with us, and not hold them up before the gaze of men. Jesus, we will turn the key in our garden door, and none shall enter to rob thee of one good fruit from the soil which thou hast watered with thy bloody sweat. Our all shall be thine, thine only, O Jesus, our Beloved!


Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?" – Job 38:31

If inclined to boast of our abilities, the grandeur of nature may soon show us how puny we are. We cannot move the least of all the twinkling stars, or quench so much as one of the beams of the morning. We speak of power, but the heavens laugh us to scorn. When the Pleiades shine forth in spring with vernal joy we cannot restrain their influences, and when Orion reigns aloft, and the year is bound in winter’s fetters, we cannot relax the icy bands. The seasons revolve according to the divine appointment, neither can the whole race of men effect a change therein. Lord, what is man?
In the spiritual, as in the natural world, man’s power is limited on all hands. When the Holy Spirit sheds abroad his delights in the soul, none can disturb; all the cunning and malice of men are ineffectual to stay the genial quickening power of the Comforter. When he deigns to visit a church and revive it, the most inveterate enemies cannot resist the good work; they may ridicule it, but they can no more restrain it than they can push back the spring when the Pleiades rule the hour. God wills it, and so it must be. On the other hand, if the Lord in sovereignty, or in justice, bind up a man so that he is in soul bondage, who can give him liberty? He alone can remove the winter of spiritual death from an individual or a people. He looses the bands of Orion, and none but he. What a blessing it is that he can do it. O that he would perform the wonder to-night. Lord, end my winter, and let my spring begin. I cannot with all my longings raise my soul out of her death and dulness, but all things are possible with thee. I need celestial influences, the clear shinings of thy love, the beams of thy grace, the light of thy countenance, these are the Pleiades to me. I suffer much from sin and temptation, these are my wintry signs, my terrible Orion. Lord, work wonders in me, and for me. Amen.
Keith Hobkirk

Jesus is Lord

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