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The HOME for Christian writers!
The Home for Christian Writers!

simply Scripture

A place to discuss writing and publishing of Devotions and other Inspirational Articles. Feel free to share your devotionals and inspirational articles here.

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simply Scripture

Postby totallylovedbygod » Sat May 02, 2009 8:10 am

Welcome to Simply Scripture

Please be blessed as you read this bible study. I hope it stirs your faith. Please view the featured page on the site, which is called Notice Board. Please place details of your church/outreach events on here and please pray for these events. Link below. Please also view the other pages on the site, you can do this by clicking the back to home page icon and viewing the menu

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God bless you


Genesis 6:1-22
Noah - One Man
We live in times that are so similar to Noah's, the heart of man hasn't changed at all from that time to this, it is still deceitful and desperately wicked Jeremiah 17:9. But neither has God's power changed or his ability and willingness to save sinners.. amen Isaiah 59:1

It was a privilege to be shown things about Noah and the Lord opened my eyes and just shared some wonderful things with me , which I would like to share with you now
We are modern day Noah's in certain ways
Vs 5- We live right in the midst of a world that is continually evil and does not respect God's laws, we are part of this world, but we are not of it John 17:15-16, we have a different and unique calling, to be holy ( set apart ) and to serve the one true God.
Vs 8- 9 In all this evil, there was one man, Noah who walked with God, I find that truly amazing, there has always been through scripture, the ones who have stood up for truth and walked serenely and dynamically with their God. I am reminded of what God said of Job in Job 1:8, would God have said the same thing about me? We often say that because of the situation we are in, we can't have that close fellowship with God, but because of our situation, we are able to have a close fellowship with our Lord, the difficulty of our earthly life, should drive us to a closer and deeper walk with God, as we rely on Him.. totally and completely.
Noah found favor, God is looking for men and women, who he can pour his favor out unto, he searched the whole earth looking for someone, he is still doing that today.
Noah also receives specific instructions on what to do to save the animals vs 14-21, just like us, we have received the Great Commission from our Lord, on saving souls, no wonder this was virtually the last thing JESUS said to his disciples that was recorded, don't you think Matthew is trying to tell us something,?
This is an amazing thing and isn't this true of all God's servants, he did all that the Lord commanded him vs 22, pretty simple this Christian life isn't it. It is simply a matter of doing as you are told, you are not your own, you are the Lord's.

What would of happened , if Noah has used shortcuts to building the ark. God had given Him specific instructions, told Him to build it in gopher wood. What if He had said ' can't find much gopher wood round these parts' and used other materials. If God commands us to do something he will give us the resources. We are here to do as we are told by the Lord, not to make our own plans.. amen
So Noah had to go and fetch one of each species and bring them into the ark, just like us, we are commanded to go and bring every nation , male and female into the ark of God's love, yes we are told to go and bring people of all nations to the true ark, which of course is our precious savior, Jesus. We are never told in scripture to stay in church and be complacent, if you aren't getting out as a church into your community, city and you are expecting people to come to you, then you are disobeying the great commission given by the LORD. You know you can put on great evangelism programmes in our churches, but the test of every christian and church is how effective they are in their community.. amen
Once the people were safe in the ark, they were truly safe, once we come to the true protection of Jesus, we are safe in his arms, there is an ark today and it is Jesus , to bring people into the safe refuge of his love is an amazing privilege, he has given us this job, lets get to it church.

God is still looking for men and women who will walk with Him and obey Him. The christian life is not complicated. It is a question of walking with God.. not ahead of Him or behind Him and obeying what he tells you to do.

In 1858 in New York City, three men met for a prayer meeting one lunchtime.. one year later 100,000 souls had been saved. The Welsh revival of 1904, came about because a few ladies and one man, prayed and sought God like never before. We are the only people who can change the world, because we are sent by the One who is Love and Hope with the glorious message of the gospel.. amen

Are you prepared to walk with God and obey his voice?.Whatever the cost

God bless you

Keith Hobkirk

Jesus is Lord

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