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Franklin-Madison Literary Agency -- info requested

Discussion and links regarding potentially problematic publishers, agents, writing contests, etc.

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Pencil 1 (1-49 Posts)
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Franklin-Madison Literary Agency -- info requested

Postby cjoy » Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:27 pm


Just curious to know if anyone has any info on an agency called Franklin-Madison Literary Agency. To me, they have all the earmarks of a scam (namely, they pop up under sponsored links when I google literary agencies -- always a bad sign). Then, they don't offer on their website a list of books and authors repped/contracted/published. You have to e-mail them for such a list. There are other warning signs. Just sort of a feeling I get about their website and their claims to be a BIG literary agency. (Or maybe it's the fact that with a name as patriotic as theirs, methinks the agency doth protest their honesty too much! Oh, yeah, and you know how literary agencies generally always like to post pictures of their agents? Except for some unidentified dark-haired, male-model-type guy, the only pictures they have of anyone on their site are of Ben Franklin and James Madison. Sorry, but I don't really want either Ben or James representing anything I write. No offense, Ben and James! :D ) Yet, I googled Franklin-Madison Literary Agency scam and came up with nothing. Maybe they're so new they're under the radar still? Ah, well, I did indeed e-mail them for more info and a list of their authors/books. I felt like a naive, rank amateur (oh, wait, I am a naive, rank amateur) for even e-mailing them, but there it is. I asked them about fees, too, so if I get any solid evidence that they are scammers, I'll update this thread with the info. But if anyone has had experience with them already, please reply. It's always nice to save some naive, rank, amateur hopeful (such as myself) a little heartache. On the other hand, it would be too bad to slam some poor agency unfairly and discourage some naive, rank, amateur hopeful from submitting with them when they might be legit. So, let me know if you know.

-- Cheers, Connie

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Re: Franklin-Madison Literary Agency -- info requested

Postby RedBaron » Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:11 pm

Yeah, I'm a bit leery of that. I'll be interested in hearing what they send back.
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Deb Porter
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FaithWriters and Site Admin
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Re: Franklin-Madison Literary Agency -- info requested

Postby Deb Porter » Wed Oct 05, 2011 3:04 pm

At a guess, they may be the same as the Franklin Literary Agency, which is in the Predators and Editors list as not recommended because they charge a fee.

A lot of these "agencies" that pop up in the Google ads tend to be the same rider, different horse. They become known as risky, so they change their name and continue on. I could be wrong, but there are so many alarm bells with this particular one that I'd suggest avoiding.

Most agencies are more than willing to list some of their top authors, and they don't need to advertise in Google ads.

Whether they are a scam or not will be revealed very quickly if you submit something, have it accepted fairly quickly and are then charged to be represented.

Love, Deb
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Pencil 1 (1-49 Posts)
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Joined: Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:51 am

Re: Franklin-Madison Literary Agency -- info requested

Postby cjoy » Fri Oct 21, 2011 6:58 pm

RedBaron wrote:Yeah, I'm a bit leery of that. I'll be interested in hearing what they send back.

Franklin Madison sent back nada. Guess that list of bestselling authors and books can't be very long.

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