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Re: A week off, and a question

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:28 pm
by Cinnamon Bear
RachelM wrote:Jan,
What about a general lesson on scenes? Current novel-writing advice seems to recommend cutting in and out of scenes as close to the action as possible--more like a movie. I like how it makes the writing more immediate and intense, but I think it leads to choppiness and some scenes that are too short. Have you found this? Any suggestions? Do you think every scene should have an intro and resolution?
Yes, a lesson on scenes sounds good.

I like to think of writing in terms of movies. But they are two different art forms, each with their own advantages and limitations. Transferring a particular technique from film to literature can be tricky. Not to mention the fact that some films themselves are choppy if the scenes switch too abruptly and/or if the scenes are too short.

Cinnamon Bear