I Could Use Some Help, Jan

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I Could Use Some Help, Jan

Post by BrotherAnthony » Thu Sep 04, 2014 3:17 pm

The nuances of "split infinitives" drive me crazy ... I know the rules but I keep breaking the rules for reason of emphasis. Help!

jim mcwhinnie

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Re: I Could Use Some Help, Jan

Post by glorybee » Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:37 pm

Jim, go ahead and split them. It's perfectly fine, and good writers do it all the time. If a phrase works best for you with a split infinitive, then that's what you should do.

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Re: I Could Use Some Help, Jan

Post by Deb Porter » Thu Sep 04, 2014 9:08 pm

And AMEN to that. Totally agree, Jan.
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