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Highest Rankings (top 15) - Wk 2 WASTE

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 3:39 pm
by Deb Porter

Total number of entries: 29

1 Which Life Was Wasted? by Mariane Holbrook
2 The Jolt by Lea Austin
3 Hilda - her true story by Jack Taylor
4 Trashy Treasure by Marlene Bonney
5 The Dove In the Soup Kitchen by Donna Powers
6 His Joy Annoyed Them by Nancy Bucca
7 No Color Wasted by Verna Cole Mitchell
8 What a Dilemma by Elaine Hemingway
9 Progress by Vincent Lyons
10 From a Lifetime of Smirk - to Eternal Hard Work! by Noel Mitaxa
11 Is There a Reason I'm Still Here? by Laurie Glass
12 Fighting for My Life by Trudy Newell
13 The Island of Corrupt Words by Annette Griffin
14 Dumping the Waste by Linda Berg
15 Veiled Valuables by Rachel Rudd