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Highest Rankings - Wk 6 RELATIVES

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 3:56 pm
by Deb Porter

Due to low numbers, the only list that is different to the winners is the Top 15, so that's all we'll post for this week.

Total number of entries: 31

1 Always the Same People by Ann Grover
2 A Wonderful Riot by Jan Ackerson
3 If the Jeans Fit by Allison Egley
4 It’s a Family Thing by Robin West
5 Two Peas in a Pod by Jack Taylor
6 Queen Mother by Rebecca Lunn
7 Desert of the Mind by Dennis Gallemore
8 Unexpected Repast by Donna Powers
9 Whose First? by Michelle Gretz
10 Family Trees by Marlene Bonney
11 Swing with a Purpose by Dianne Janak
12 Bloodline by Jude Harris
13 Diametrically Opposed by Sarah Fehr
14 An Open Letter to my Family by Donna Martelli
15 Kingdom Saints by Robert Rutaagi