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Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:58 pm
by srashmi
Congrats everyone!

Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 3:28 pm
by Keleitha
Way to go! No surprises with most of these. Congratulations to all of you!


Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 3:46 pm
by ginadaye
:superhappy This is me doing the happy dance . . . I guess when you least expect it - you do it!!!!!! There are no words for the joy I feel at having placed for the first time!

Shannon - your email made my day . . . and would you believe that this is the first Thursday since I joined FW that I didn't run to the board and look?? I'm at work and was peeking at my yahoo email looking for a receipt. I saw your comment and thought . . . hmmm . . . she already commented once. Thank you! Thank you! I'm feeling like a REAL writer right now!!!

Okay, I'll shut-up now!! No, one more thing - it was my first totally fiction piece.

Thanks to everyone for the past weeks of support and comments!!

Congrats to everyone!!!!!


Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:30 pm
by twoleaves
Uh...duh...gasp...gulp! :lol:

I just picked myself up off the floor. I did not expect this at all - my name in there with all those wonderful writers I've been admiring for so long - Lisa, Beth, Carol, Rachel, Ruth... I'm shocked, flabbergasted, floored...and oh, so HAPPY!

Thank you judges for toiling long and hard at not an easy task.

Congratulations to all the winners and kudos to all who entered.


Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:21 pm
by katypetunia
I just got my laptop back after a bout with a few viruses ("virusi"?? - anyway they kept me from entering for "Wow") and it's great to see all the WONDERFUL writing, and the worthy top ten, and all of that. Not to mention my own "Highly Commended" which blew me away!!!! :heehee (Thanks, Judges!!)

Congratulations to all winners!!

Competition does seem to be getting stiffer - for which I'm grateful. I'm stretching, and besides the fellowship (which touches my heart), that's the other reason I belong to FW: I need to grow and stretch and hone skills and test myself....

It just tickles me to read all the posts from first-time winners (others as well, but especially the first-timers, because I remember my "first") and the great excitement over that. YEE-HAWWW! Or to put it more spiritually, HALLELUJAH!! :superhappy

SO grateful I'm here!!! And I count you all as dearly loved (and loving) friends.