Highest Ranked Entries for POETRY

The Challenge winners will be posted here two weeks after entries close for each topic, and the Highest Ranked entries will be posted sometime later that day or the next.

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Post by thomaslt » Fri Jun 01, 2007 5:11 pm

I am not, by nature, a person drawn to poetry. However, I have to say, after reading the entries this week, the "poets" among us, opened my mind to things I'd never known before.

Although some of my favorites didn't make it into the top 40, I remain gratefull for them all because it has helped me grow deeper in understanding how others see the world. Such beauty! My goodness how lucky we are to have the poets in this world.

Nathan Fleetwood
Patience for another is called love
Patience for yourself is called hope
Patience for God is called faith.

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Post by bmwbear129 » Fri Jun 01, 2007 5:22 pm

Congratulations to all who placed in the Poetry Challenge.

There was some very stiff competition out there and I can hardly believe I actually placed 7th in beginners.

Thanks for votes and the great comments, you guys are a wonderful bunch of people blessed by God.
Love In Christ,


I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me!

Philippians 4:13
(My favorite verse for years and my daughters' birthday--Our God works in such mysterious ways)

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