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Three Quick Reminders - Ratings Feedback

Posted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 3:04 am
by Deb Porter
Three quick reminders about the Challenge Ratings Feedback reports made available to Platinum members:

1. If you placed in the Editors' Choice for the topic, you are not eligible to receive a report for that entry. (Please note: The Editors' Choice are the top ten entries each week.)

2. For all other Platinum members, requests for feedback on your entry should be placed once the winners for that topic have been announced. As soon as that list is posted, you can make your request.

3. You have one week only to request feedback on an entry in a specific topic. Once the winners have been announced for that topic, there is a one week window of opportunity, and then it's too late. So if you want feedback, don't put it off.

These provisos to the ratings feedback offer were put in place to save my sanity due to the quite substantial increase to her workload. So if you want a report for a topic, make sure you submit that request as soon as the winners are announced. That way you won't miss out.