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Please Critique This Article (I Am a Promise)

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Please Critique This Article (I Am a Promise)

Postby TheReverendKelly » Fri Jan 10, 2014 1:23 am

I Am a Promise was a popular song that was sung during many church camps in the seventies. I do not remember who wrote it.
It is one that I have used to characterize my life after. I grew up in many foster homes during my life. I was born illegitimately and my life was anything but easy. As you will come to see in this article, I am a promise and you are too!
I grew up not being an attractive child, which caused me to being bullied throughout my entire life. It did not end when I became an adult. My response to this was to show Christ living in my life. I did not respond by shooting or hurting others just because I was being bullied. In my point of view who was really going to care; I was a nobody. I was not attractive and I was not an honor roll student. But I was determined to make the best out of bad situations.
I would pray for those who made fun and mocked me. I would be good to them regardless how they treated me. And it really paid off.
In 1976 I was elected to the FFA Chaplain, I remained an FFA Chaplain until I graduated in 1980. Now you might think, this was not a major accomplishment in my life. People get bullied all the time. But what if I told that many psychiatrists said I would not graduate beyond the third grade. Do not waste your time and energy in this boy.
Here is why I am a promise: I graduated from high school, Bible College, Graduate College and an Associate Degree in Theology from a college in the Philippines. For twenty six years I have been involved as a youth minister. For 26 years I have mentored many young people who have become quite successful. At present I am the Administrative Pastor of the Catubig UCCP Christian Church and their outreach churches. I am not perfect, but I am determined to be the Promise that God wants me to be.
You can be a promise as well! It doesn't matter what you look like, where you are from, what position you hold, or where you live, God can make a promise out of you just as he has me! Just turn your life over to Him! :book2 :thankssign :grouphug

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Re: Please Critique This Article (I Am a Promise)

Postby Shann » Mon Jan 13, 2014 3:49 pm

This is a great testimony. You did a nice job of sharing some important parts of your life with others. You may want to double space the paragraphs to give the reader more white space. Also always make sure you site the song or any work when you present it for people to see. With just a quick goggle, I found it was by the Bill Gaither Group (if that is the same song you're referring to)

Because this is a newbie nook, you might not find as many people who will see it here. You may want to go to the Main Site login and you'll see a contents that lets you submit your piece to the general submissions, then you could go to the Open Forum or put the link to your piece in your signature. You'll see in my signature there is a spot that you can click on that'll take you to my profile and you will see all the stories I have on FW.

I like how how started off with a true story that many people can relate to. That's a great way of pulling the reader in. Bullying is a huge problem right now and it's important to let people know about it and to give ways to encourage the victims. You end the piece with some uplifting advice. You do matter! We need to be reassured of that from time to time.

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