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Liquid Walls - Act 1

A place to discuss poetry in all its wonderful forms and styles. Feel free to share your poetry here.

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Pencil 1 (1-49 Posts)
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Liquid Walls - Act 1

Postby rhymarhyma » Fri Jun 20, 2014 6:04 pm

The demon, the demon, the demon is near
I'm screamin' as I'm dreamin', but nobody can hear
I'm flying, and trying, to show no fear
I'm crying as I'm dying but I shed no tear

He's coming, coming, he's coming to take me
The humming of the drumming is starting to shake me
He dons an odd facade as he's trying to wake me
My God, dear God, please don't forsake me

Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me my sins
I live and relive the way it always begins
"False idol is my title" he says as he grins
Homicidal, suicidal...crazy haunting violins

He's reaching, reaching, he's reaching for my throat
Liars preaching, tires screeching as a car avoids a goat
A man's daughter's on the water and she has no boat
He brought her to the slaughter just to see if she would float

He says "Drink, drink, drink up my friend."
I think I'm bleeding ink as I battle to the end
Brand new tattoo's are on the mend
Truly confused as I start to descend

Down, down, down, how far down can I fall
A clown wears a bridal gown, short and tall
I yell, trapped in hell, "God, break this liquid wall
Open this cell, remove this spell, that is alcohol!"

The stallions, the stallions, the stallions ride fast
The battalion wears medallions; God's army, at last
Swords drawn, on and on, the heroes are cast
A new dawn to dream upon, or will I relive my past

But the beast, the beast, the beast has his own horde
He's unleashed the deceased, and now they're moving toward
the underground battleground, a sword strikes a sword
Round and round they surround the army of the Lord

The clashing, the clashing, the clashing grew long
Steel slashing, teeth gnashing, right versus wrong
The undead plowed ahead, throng after throng
but the angels never fled, instead they stood strong

'til one by one by one they fell
'til none but one stood up to hell
to fight the blight, and dispel the spell
and shine the light bright in this dark place I dwell

The fighting, the fighting, the fighting finally ended
I started writing and rewriting things I never comprehended
God's plan began when my virtue descended
But how can one man's life be defended

by the love, the love, the love of One
Why such love from above, after all I've done
Why break my chains and ease my pains with a battle won
Why contain the rains, and warm me with the sun

I was blessed, blessed, blessed in observing
the contest, the quest for a path that was curving
by a love so whole, so unswerving
that He should save a soul most thought undeserving

Twelve years, twelve years, twelve years to the day
that the tears and the fears, they all went away
I now stand as the man I was meant to portray
with this band so grand, in this life that's but a play

Where I perform, perform, perform undeterred
Now I reform and transform to the sound of The Word
But I'll never let myself forget the bloody opera that occurred
When the armies met, on this very set, to offset this theater of the absurd

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