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What Does God Cause And What Does God Allow

A place to discuss poetry in all its wonderful forms and styles. Feel free to share your poetry here.

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What Does God Cause And What Does God Allow

Postby poeticgent99 » Wed Jun 11, 2014 10:26 pm

Question, what does God cause, and what does God allow
I’ll try to answer these questions, and show YOU how
God causes Good Things to happen, in Our Life every day
But He allows bad things to happen, to teach Us His Way

Job was an example, of these two instances
And Job shows Us, the extent and extreme consequences
Though Job appeared to do nothing wrong, he still suffered
He asked God, what he had done wrong, and his prayer was answered

Jonah was another, but in his case he ran from God
He learned his lesson, asking forgiveness from God
Even Jesus Christ Himself, learned Obedience to God
The Son died on The Cross, but was in turn, raised by God

God, Our Father, wants the very best for Us and from Us
To walk the Holiest Walk possible, in each of Us
God molds and shapes Us, washes and prunes Us, for His Purpose
Something well beyond any Man’s knowledge or consciousness

God has complete foreknowledge, from the Earth’s Beginning to End
There is no way to outguess Him, the pure message We send
God will allow “bad things” to happen, when it suits His Purpose
He will cause Good Things to happen, when it suits His Purpose

We might cry out to God asking, Father what have I done
I have accepted Jesus Christ, is your One and Only Son
That He died on The Cross, for all the sins I commit
That He rose from the grave, and at Your Right Hand He does sit

We cannot know or understand, what God has on His Mind
We can pray and praise Him, when He makes Us less blind
When He takes the time, to reveal Himself, what a blessing
Something to look forward to, a true Happy Ending

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