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One day I ran into a friend

A place to discuss poetry in all its wonderful forms and styles. Feel free to share your poetry here.

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Pencil 1 (1-49 Posts)
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One day I ran into a friend

Postby rhymarhyma » Thu Jun 05, 2014 8:51 pm

One day I ran into a friend

who I hadn't spoken to in years

It felt so good to talk to him

I couldn't hold the tears

I asked him where he'd been

why so long before our paths crossed

It seemed he cried inside as he softly replied

"I wasn't the one who was lost"

-My friend is Jesus-

His words echoed in my mind

and I knew just what he meant

How could a child become so wild

a child who was Heaven-sent

I knew it was my demon

in the form of alcohol

and my friend reassured me

that I could rise after the fall

-My friend is Jesus-

I started explaining to him what happened

since the last time we had spoken

All the madness I did, all the sadness I hid

how I'd gotten so twisted and broken

So many sad times, too many sad rhymes

all the hurt and the pain

and my friend said "You wouldn't enjoy the

sunshine as much

if you never got caught in the rain"

-My friend is Jesus-

I asked him why he waited

and how he knew I'd come back through

and four little words changed my life that day

when my friend simply said "Because I love you"

I asked how I could repay him

and this is the last thing that I heard

"I am the the word of life, my child

now go out and spread the word"

-Your friend is Jesus-

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