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Modern Churches

A place to discuss poetry in all its wonderful forms and styles. Feel free to share your poetry here.

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Modern Churches

Postby Rom1221 » Mon Jan 06, 2014 7:02 pm

Hello everyone. :D This is my first post and my first poem on the site, so bear with me here. I wrote this as a response to all the "modern churches" that are popping up everywhere and people putting stuff in the church that shouldn't be there and losing reverence for God's sanctuary and making it no different from the world around us. It makes me very sad and I pray for changes :cry: ; we are to be different from this Earth around us, yet some Christians are only Christian on Sundays at best and it breaks my heart because we are called to live for Christ all the days of our lives.

Let me know if there can be improvement, if the title should be changed, or if I did anything wrong.


With this background, here is my poem (rhyming);

I marvel at apostle Paul
and the souls that he had won;
yet look at the church today,
look at his progress undone!

I read about the early church
& how in faith, they stood strong;
now I look at churches today,
My God! Just what went wrong?

I'm not talking about one or two,
one church here or there;
I'm talking about most of them,
I'm talking about everywhere.

One church brings in movies,
another one brings in rock;
another brings in puppets,
the kind with your hand in a sock.

Some churches twist the Bible
just to appease the people;
did you just forget
that there's a cross on your steeple?

What ever happened to following
that good ol' Holy Book?
Now we don't even do that,
see around, just take a look!

Some churches wanna be like the world
so they'll grow tolerant to sin;
Jesus never said to do that,
he never said to fit it!

The Gospel USED to be preached,
yet now there's talk of money;
it makes me sick to my stomach,
I don't think it's funny!

Some preach "Give, give!",
that's all they seem to say;
yet it's no wonder,
what's done with it anyway.

They preach the more you give,
the more that God will bless;
the "Prosperity Gospel" is lies
but to this, they won't confess.

Modern music is brought in
to make the service seem more "fun".
Where's THAT in the Bible?
When's THAT to be done?

Some pastors will preach lies
and say stuff that is absurd;
luckily, we can tell the difference,
we just need God's Word.

Don't just take his word for it,
you go and you read;
the Bible contains the truth,
and every word is true indeed.

With the Bible, you'll know what's what,
and you can spot check every pastor;
and if you read everyday,
you'll learn all the faster.

Without the Bible, you could follow
any lie anyone tells;
arm yourselves with understanding,
don't buy what the devil sells!

The devil tries to come into
every aspect of every life;
he'll try to fill it with lies,
he'll try to fill it with strife.

He doesn't want you to read the Bible,
he wants your church to fall;
he'll try to toss lies at you
he'll try to throw it all.

He'll try to get you cold
so that you cut on your praying;
he will try to make you doubt
so that in faith, you will be swaying.

He'll try to get you to come
for the cookies and lemonade.
I tell you the truth;
that ain't the church Christ made!

Jesus made a church
with him as the head;
he cast out demons, healed the sick,
and even raised the dead.

Jesus said "Your faith has healed you,
go now, and sin no more."
The mute talked and the lame walked,
what ELSE could you ask for?

Jesus preached the truth,
the whole truth and nothing but,
but the Pharisees thought he was lying,
they thought he was a nut.

They accused him of blasphemy
and brought him to Pilate;
he saw him totally blameless,
but death was his fate.

Jesus never gave up,
he never made a fuss;
he was the one on the cross,
when that cross was meant for us.

It was Jesus who took the beatings
it was him shoved on that cross;
while we got away unscathed,
it was him who took the loss.

Jesus took the punishment
that belonged to every sinner;
he was buried but then rose,
over death, he was the winner!

Sin doesn't have to rule,
sin doesn't have to reign;
Christ can fix you up,
with him, you have all to gain.

With him, you can be saved,
with him, you can't be free;
so why don't we care,
why isn't there jubilee?

It's because Christ is ignored
by many of every state;
we've let Satan spread his lies,
we've let Satan spread his bait.

However, there are churches
that still cling to what is good;
they're kinda hard to find,
but at least on Christ, they stood.

They don't bring in entertainment
to triumph over the Word;
they don't bring in new trends,
whether factual or absurd.

They just follow their God
and not what is said by the Feds;
when someone gets sick, prayer is key
with faith, we don't need meds.

Whenever there is a problem,
nobody turns to pot;
instead they kneel,
and give God all they got.

The only love they need
is God's abundant grace,
and you can tell in prayer
by the tears on their face.

The services held here
last more than just an hour;
sometimes two, maybe three,
all filled with holy power.

There's more at work here
then just repetitive songs;
people come for more than food,
for more than their foot-longs.

Don't come because of food
don't come just for your fried;
come for Jesus, come for Christ,
your life, he can mend.

He can clean up your mess,
and he can patch up your shame;
it's not even his fault,
YOU'RE the one to blame.

We all have made a mess
& we all have screwed up;
yet it was him who was beaten,
& it was him who took the cup.

Some have stayed with this truth
but most have strayed away;
sinners who don't follow truth
say "It's okay to be gay."

No it's not, it never was,
and don't try to make a case;
try telling Him your reasons
when you see him face to face.

We must never justify
the sin that we have done;
for in the judgement place,
none will stand, not one.

Don't bring the world in church,
don't bring it in the service;
but if you have already,
I would feel pretty nervous.

Good news! You still have time,
you can still turn things around;
you just have to be careful
to follow doctrine that is sound.

Repent of the sins you've brought
into this most holy place;
you better do it now,
before you see Him face to face.

Don't say it's serving His kingdom,
when you know very well it's not;
He sees your sins in church
and you'll be found and caught.

No one said it was easy,
to follow him on that cross;
but the reward is well worth it,
it's worth every little loss.

Don't leave Jesus for evil,
and don't leave God for sin;
even if the place is empty,
don't try to pack people in.

It doesn't matter on numbers,
but the souls of your people,
and the Shepard who guides them,
whose cross is on their steeple.

Please listen to my plea,
the situation is getting dire;
if you don't, then you'll see,
when you're sent to the lake of fire.

If you continue to sin in church,
if you continue on this path,
don't be so surprised,
when God shows you his wrath.

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