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The HOME for Christian writers!
The Home for Christian Writers!

Shepherd Boy

A place to discuss poetry in all its wonderful forms and styles. Feel free to share your poetry here.

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Shepherd Boy

Postby Millardrh » Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:23 pm

Shepherd Boy

The shepherd boy brave, the Lord's anointed,
felt hot anger rise in a flood,
Strong righteous lad stomped the mount, outraged
at gross Philistines,
Blaspheming his God, rebuking his people, shameful
this challenging scheme.

The giant Goliath paraded and taunted the
armies of Israel,
Frozen in fear they held their own hill, waiting
for a true champion,
Day after day the giant came forth, and day
after day...humiliation.

King Saul with enticements prodded his mighty ones,
even the fair hand of his daughter;
One waxed defiant, said a friend of the King, a
youth from the household of Jesse.
David, Saul knew--the soothing harp player--a comfort
to his spirit uneasy.

The giant of Gath vented his wrath,
crying to the armies of God,
"I am but one, now you send one--do you
have a brave man among you?"
Employ a singing boy to fight a man's war,
was this the King's high avenue?

The armor was ill-fitting, the sword's grip strange,
the captains were plainly appalled,
David said, no, he had not tried them, his
faith was in God and a sling,
My Lord that delivered from the lion and the bear,
sweet victory this day he'd bring.

A lamb to the slaughter--"and the Lord be with thee"--
young David of Bethlehem.
Five river stones for the shepherd courageous, five
river stones to war,
For God and his king, through the valley of the shadow,
to the deadly corridor.

A kid sent forth, the best they could do, these
fainthearted Israelites,
No glory for Goliath, smashing a young boy, no
treasure for striking this blow,
His plan to retire, triumphant in battle, a crowning
last furious show.

Threats were traded, the champions closed in, David
for the true living God,
Burning white joy, coursing great power, assurance to
the boy extraordinaire,
Rushing now running, the lion and the bear--God did
deliver the lion and the bear.

A sling for all time from the whip-like arm, sent
a giant crashing to earth,
Thousands of warriors, soldiers of the realm, roared
for their new king to be;
In a dreamlike swirl, as the boy leaned over, Goliath
sailed to his cabin by the sea.

The man after God's heart, young David the victor,
held proud the head of his foe,
Their best defeated, and courage destroyed,
Philistines fled for their lives,
The Lord again faithful to his own chosen people...
remembering, in love, the old ties.

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