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Looking for publishers that...

Posted: Sat Jul 18, 2020 8:32 pm
by Jacob Ben Avraham
....that will deal with "first-time-authors".

Maybe someone can help me out. I have my book "God Tales" which is in eBook format, but I need to contact some publishing house that will charge under $1000.

I know that no mainline publishing house wants to deal or take a chance on a first-time author who has written his or her first book. I understand, since it might be a "flop" and the publishing house does not want to invest money and not get a return for their investment.

HOWEVER, we need a chance, all first-time authors need that chance. Even if it is only one book. "God Tales" is the only book I have written and I want to get it out to the world.

So, far people and ministries have donated $700 towards my publishing goal, all I need is some publishing house that will do it for under $1000.

The problem with "self-publishing" is that you pay to get your books printed, and they are sent to you, then what? I am a writer not a salesman. I know nothing about marketing, only writing.

Hope someone knows someone out there. Hopefully a Christian Publishing House (although the book is mainly Messiainc Jewish in content)

Ben Avraham