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New Imprint

General, open discussion regarding writing, getting published, markets, pointers, and other related topics. All are welcome! No advertising, please!

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New Imprint

Postby TracyR » Sat Apr 12, 2014 10:51 am

Since we opened our two traditional publishing companies in 2010 (Write Integrity Press and Pix-N-Pens Publishing), we've had many requests from authors wanting us to publish books for them, for a fee.

We've now set up a new imprint - TMP Books - which is our subsidy press. We offer the same quality and care we provide to the authors of our traditional presses, but authors retain all rights to their books.

I saw the recent discussion about self-publishing vs. subsidy presses, and I'd like to give you details of our service, so you can see how we're different from other companies.

I cringe at the prices some of the subsidy presses put out there - we're not out to gouge anyone, or take advantage of anyone. Our prices are rock bottom for the services we offer. Yes, an author can publish his/her book on their own, without paying anything to anyone, thanks to CreateSpace. But some authors don't want to have to learn formatting or the publication process - they just want to keep writing. So that's why we set up our packages the way we did.

We've created specific packages based on author feedback. The "name only" package - the author submits to us files that are print-ready and we assign it an ISBN and publish it under our company name. This eliminates the "stigma" associated with self-publishing, and yet still gives the author ultimate control of the project. The author receives 85% of the royalties - we only take 15% for our portion. Authors can buy their books from us at only 10% over cost, plus shipping. We pay royalties monthly.

We offer two other packages that include formatting. We also offer services a la carte, but we do not require anyone to purchase those. They're available if the author wishes to utilize them.

Right now, to celebrate the launch of TMP Books, we're offering a 10% referral fee to anyone who sends us a new client who reserves any of our packages by April 30th.

Visit our website for a list of services and our rates:

Thanks so much for helping us spread the word.

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